5 Fall Fashion Guidelines

Summer is fading. Fall in all of its richness is quickly approaching us.  Fashion lovers best be ready to adjust their wardrobes to do Fall's runway the justice it deserves.  In honor of this I have created a list of 5 guidelines that I love to follow during the colder months.

(A quick photoshoot with my moms garden veggies)

Novelty Lamb

I am a blogger who is indeed focused on written content, but also has a deep love of beauty and aesthetics.  My blog is a gallery of delicious visuals, orgasmic colors, and innovative styling.  My focus is more on the pictorial message, though I don't mind writing a bit.  Really my blog is for people who like pretty things. 

Why You Always Need A Bit of |Wardrobe| Gold

Shopping at second hand stores is great for finding very unique pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Kind of like this traditional Chinese top that I found at a local Goodwill... As if my GAP gold flowers top (link to that post http://www.thecocofulafashionblog.com/2017/07/gold-flowers.html ) wasn't enough, I purchased another beautiful golden piece while thrift shopping.

Bitter Sweet

It isn't terrible, this city, but it depends on when I think about it.

Whenever I want to be around other young, Black creatives, fashionistas, and influencers, I get discouraged. The Black pride and Arts movement is slow in Cincy, nothing like in a poppin' melanated metropolis.

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But then I think about my peers and I, these people I personally know, and think, "we're pretty badass, and we can make this work." 

I think that if I stick to this city, and not immediately follow my dream of living and building in Georgia, I could be an influence along with my peers and actually create a Black Arts movement HERE.

It's a BITTER SWEET thing I've got with Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is small, bland, and, in my opinion, dirty.  The nicest areas in the city are those playgrounds for the wealthy and the suburbs.

It is my home, I have lived here my entire life, never lived anywhere else. But I have seen other places, other cities, which have persuaded me that they better suite my interests, so my desire has been to eventually leave Cincinnati.

I am comfortable here, this is where my bed resides. My phobia of storms can relax here; even when there is tornado warning in Cincy, we stay pretty safe by the grace of the Creator.

If I leave, there goes reliving moments whenever I go to certain places.  But then my mind reminds me that there are so many new memories waiting to be created out there in the wide, wide world.  That no matter what storm I come up against, there is always shelter somewhere.

Whether the shelter is self-expression, music, love, or financial stability....

Neighborhoods like where these snapshots were taken remind me that there are little pockets where things feel decent enough to stick around.  There is so much character in the scenery, streets with musicians on the corners, and people from all over the world doing their shopping.  The colors, the vibe, you'd think I had traveled far from my home to get visuals that tell such a story.  But honestly I went right up the street from my house.

Obviously, living here isn't hindering my abilities as a blogger, these photos are proof.  And the more I think of my fellow Black artists and leaders, my heart begins to settle on the bigger picture.

We can really make this ISH big....

"Let's get high. The dream machine takes all of us. Come aboard and leave the rest behind..."
     -Tokio Hotel


This look is chill and especially cool on a hot day.  Pair a long lightweight pant with a long top for an elegant relaxed look. If you go for some neutral colors like I did. Spice it up with a bold choker (which looks great with scoop necks and camis, if you decide to wear either under you long shirt) and a bold belt, matching if you can. Matching brings the two together. Adding a pop of color wouldn't hurt either, as I did with my Danielle Nicole handbag and my Black Radiance burgundy red lip.

Blue Jean Cold Shoulder Top: Gifted blue jean top (cold shoulder look DIY'd); Handbag: Danielle Nicole Alexa; Pom Pom Sandals: CHECK OUT THIS POST! http://www.thecocofulafashionblog.com/2017/07/pom-pom-pom-she-screams-its-handmade.html ; Vintage High Waisted Pants: Purchased from GoodWill

Photographer: Herman Chimusoro

Bite Me


Unapologetically melanin-infused photos following...

*POM POM POM* ...She screams, "It's handmade!"

Feast your eyes on a pair of black Massini faux suede slides with golden embellishment around the toe, that I purchased on sale for $9.50.


I admit it, I DIY'd it!

No Man Can Tell Me What To Wear

If you must be defiant, actually be defiant...

Truthfully, no man that I date or marry can tell me what to wear or how to dress based on his own ego, pride, or controlling motives.  If we are together, though, we can come to some sort of compromise, so that we are both comfortable.  Not all men deserve this privilege...

But, ladies, do not use some men's desire to tear women down as an excuse for promiscuous behavior and exposing clothes.  Today's woman gets frustrated when she wants to wear a plunging neckline and high, high shorts but her man doesn't approve.  The so-called sexual liberation that modern women say they have by "disregarding" male opinions, and wearing what they want to wear, is actually a mind game that they are playing with themselves.

Gold Flowers

Feeling a bit romantic...


Admit it...

You can feel the WILD oozing out of these pictures.  Maybe it is the warm tones or the contrast of the deep black and the golden yellow.  But there is an edge here, a sharp one, a hint of danger and sexuality.